my self portrait, where I am smiling while holding a red jacket over my shoulder. have a big of lip gloss. wearing a white long sleeved polo. slicked back hair. posing for my graduation casual shot.
Hello, it's Alexis from Manila.

I make things happen!

What am I doing now?


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Swarm is an invite-only network where product people ideate, strategize, and form teams around startup founder projects.

Dashlabs.AI (YC W21)

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Design Consultant

Making diagnostic lab software for emerging markets pretty and functional. Logo work featured on TechCrunch.


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Founder and Design Coach

Helped 10+ students start their career in digital product design and user experience.


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Host and Producer

Ranked Top 2 on Apple Podcasts (Design, Philippines), the Top 200’s on Spotify, and was featured by net magazine (December 2019 issue).

UX+ Conference

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Co-founded the largest UX conference in SE Asia.

Started with 1300+ paid attendees (2019). Scaled to 2400+ (2020), and featured world-class designers like Julie Zhuo, John Zeratsky, and designers from Google, Uber, Shopify, Twitch, Salesforce, and Adobe.

What have I done?

Kalibrr (YC W13)

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Senior Product Designer

Led design for enterprise squad and north star projects; represented the product design function in the company (2018-2021)

UX Society

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Co-founder / Founding President

Started the first student UX club in the Philippines at Ateneo de Manila University (2015-2018)

Stanford ASES


Immersed in Silicon Valley, toured IDEO & Stanford, pitched a startup to VCs

UX Philippines


Event management, front-end development, photography (2017-2018)


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Product Design Intern

User acquisition design work, design workshops


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Product Design Intern

Joined a 40+ strong world-class design team at Bangkok — early-stage vision work for sorts and filters; shipped usability improvements to sidebar widget


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UX Design Intern

Affective testing for agency clients, design internal tools

Jump Digital

UX Design Intern

Visual design for websites and FB apps

What do I love doing?

Mentoring Designers

Spending time helping people start their design careers is very important to me.

Playing DoTA 2

I usually play every night with friends or co-workers. I prefer playing the mid lane with Invoker, Meepo, or Broodmother.


During the pandemic, I tried training thrice a week, and do queueing twice a week. On hiatus.


I read every day! I rely on books and articles on product, design, leadership, and coaching for my growth.