May 30, 2020

Let's take listening seriously

Listening is underrated.

But it's your superpower. Your gateway to great relationships, collaboration, love, growth, and mutual understanding.

It leads to the creation of great products, tight-knit communities, powerful initiatives.

Yet, the opposite is also true.

One's inability to listen can destroy relationships. It can ruin teams and companies. It can sabotage institutions, even whole countries.

So listen intently. Give unadulterated focus.

Lay down your phone.

Acknowledge the presence of the person you're talking to.

Stop talking. Defer your reactions. Give some space.

Then ask more questions. Reflect. Clarify. Summarize.

We can only move forward when we take the time to truly understand the people around us. No matter the situation. Let's take the time, put in the effort, and learn to listen.

Illustration by 初夏Ruby

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