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January 30, 2016

My 5 tell-tale signs of MOBA gaming addiction

How do you know if DotA, LoL, or HoN is taking your life away from you?

Disclaimer: First off, I’m not trying to stop you from playing. If you still wanna play, by all means, please do. But if the cons outweigh the pros, I think it’s smart to stay away. This is my own personal experience.

1. It becomes your only source of mental comfort.

It’s irresistible. An escape from reality is the solution to all of your current worries. Yes, gaming is of course a stress reliever, but it can also go out of hand and mess with your emotions when prioritized. I was easily angry, irritated and insensitive during and all the more, after playing DotA.

2. You have a reckless motivation to improve video gaming skill.

Striving to improve isn’t so bad, right? Besides, it’s how we pwn people and get the endorphins running in our veins. However, when there comes a time that it’s all you think about in class or even when you dream, there’s something wrong going on.

3. The amount of time you consume playing is out of hand.

You do it in-between classes. You do it after classes. You do it before classes. If it’s the only thing you do in your free time, it’s sad to say that you’re already addicted. It gets worse when you can’t practice saying no.

4. You’re doing it out of habit, and you can’t control it.

There are a ton of triggers to ensure you play: getting home, hearing the bell, seeing the bridge leading to the computer shop, the fumes that you smell when you’re near, and your equally addicted peers. Good luck son. It’s a hard habit to break.

5. You’ve invested a lot of cash purchasing in-game items.

What? You invested real cash in a game? You got that right. Of course it makes you happy, that’s the business model of the game you’re playing. It was made specifically for that reason, and you fell for it. I know I did, and although I was happy for it for a short time, I sure am not happy about it now.

It’s very difficult to quit

and I’ve done it. I’ve now been focusing my energy on things that matter more to me. I’m generally happier with my life, I’m more productive with my work, and I still get to have a nice social life.

In the end, it’s all about choosing to love yourself more than the game you’re playing.

Photo by Redditor Wykrhm

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